Moral Declaration Worship Weekends

October 14-16 | November 4-6

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CLICK HERE to download the flyer!

CLICK HERE to download the flyer!

Today, across the United States, poverty and inequality are rampant; voting rights and democracy are being trampled; millions of people lack the health care, living wage jobs, and quality education they need; and racism, hatred, and bigotry are disintegrating any possibility of life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness.

Our socio-political process has been hijacked. Far too much of our national political discourse and activity have been poisoned by the dominance of regressive, immoral, and hateful policies directed toward communities of color, the poor, the sick, our children, immigrants, women, voting rights, the environment, and religious minorities. We still have too much racism, materialism, and militarism.

We cannot remain silent. Our country is in need of a moral revolution of values to champion the sacred values of love, justice, and mercy in the public square.