Testimony from May 23, 2016 Atlanta "Moral Revival" service on the need for a Living Wage

Below is a video of testimony given at the "The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values" Atlanta service on May 23, 2016, which highlights why the need for a living wage is urgent and important. A summary transcript of the video follows:

I am a grandmother working at Burger King for $7.25 an hour for 20-25 hours a week. Over two million workers in Georgia work for minimum wage. I run all aspects of the Burger King restaurant: the grill, the fryers. If needed, I clean the restrooms and stock supplies. I am not afraid to sweat and work hard, but I resent working hard like that for myself and my grandkids for $7.25 an hour. I can not make it on this wage. I have to ask for money from others in my family that are struggling to pay their bills as well. 

This fight for me is for life or death. I am on six different types of medication and I cannot pay for all of them. Sometimes I have to choose between food and my medication. If I had a living wage, I could take a day off occasionally, but that is not possible now even when I do not feel well. I was better paid 15 years ago than today. I cannot afford to go back to school or get another job. I am stuck right here where I am at. People deserve a living wage, not to work like a slave where it is impossible ever to catch up.  Worrying about how to get to work, pay for medications, is driving me further into depression and despair.  We have got to have a living wage, to fight about what is right and wrong, to fight for our lives and our human dignity as all God’s people.