Testimony from May 23, 2016, Atlanta "Moral Revival" service on the need for comprehensive immigration reform

Below is a video testimony given at the "The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values" Atlanta service on May 23, 2016, which highlights why comprehensive immigration reform is urgent and important. A summary transcript of the video follows:  

Calling someone an “illegal alien” is dehumanizing. I know. At age seven I was labeled this and I believed that I was not human and of less value than other people. At age nine I had learned to identify unmarked police cars where raids in our neighborhood were occurring.  Police represented not a positive force but a threat to my family’s very existence in the United States. At age sixteen, I learned that the top five universities in Georgia would not even consider my application to college because I was undocumented. These universities were the same ones in the 1960’s that refused to allow black people to attend during that time. The other universities in Georgia that would consider my application would do so only on the condition that I pay out of state tuition, three times the rate of in state tuition. As a result of this discrimination, I went to Freedom University instead. Freedom University is based in Atlanta and provides a tuition-free education and social movement leadership training to undocumented students banned from public higher education in Georgia. As a result, I have become a passionate activist and social worker. We must give our people hope and chart a course toward unity for the good of all.