Testimony from May 23, 2016, Atlanta "Moral Revival" Service on the need for Redemption and Repeal of Capital Punishment

Below is a video of testimony given at the "The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values" Atlanta service on May 23, 2016, which highlights why Redemption and Repeal of the Death Penalty is urgent and important. A summary transcript of the video follows:

There is no perfect person. We have all made mistakes that we do not want to be defined by for the rest of our lives. We all need a second chance, a redemptive chance that proves we are all God’s children linked together by Grace. Amazing Grace. 

While I was in prison I heard the voice of another prisoner telling me to turn away from depression and despair. She helped me to see that I was worthy of a second chance and that I had the love of God with me. I studied theology in prison. We need to stand against capital punishment and the death penalty. We need to stop the cycle of mass incarceration and the enterprise of private, for profit prisons that make money off of failed recidivism rather than successful reentry into society for those who have paid their debt. We as a society must experience the awakening to Grace and God’s redemptive power that saved each of us from treating others inhumanely.