Testimony from May 23, 2016, Atlanta "Moral Revival" Service on the need to combat Islamophobia

Below is a video of testimony given at the "The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values" Atlanta service on May 23, 2016, which highlights why combatting Islamophobia is urgent and important. A summary transcript of the video follows:

Islamophobia is anti-muslim racism. Slurs are common, stereotyping is the norm. Movies, novels, and TV shows depict muslim characters as terrorists. Let me give you an example of my having to deal with anti-muslim racism and intolerance. I was pumping gas when a carload of white teenagers at the next pump started yelling epithets at me, but that was not in itself what was troubling to me. What was troubling was the silence of all the other people in the cars waiting to get gas. No one told the teenagers to stop.  No one stepped in to help me or to see if I was okay. Oftentimes muslims try to counter racist stereotypes with facts, but correcting false information with truth, nor staging inter-faith dialogues will help the situation because average people are not the real problem - systems are. The systems that create hatred are the problem. Our legal system refuses to acknowledge racism in any systematic way. When Donald Trump calls for surveillance of muslims or denying muslims immigration rights, he is merely vocalizing what already exists in our society today. This is the same story as the Black struggle against mass incarceration, the Latino struggle against depredations of ICE raids, and the poor people’s struggle against criminalization of homelessness or the denial of the basic human rights of access to health care, education, and a living wage. We need to use the intersectionalities of all these marginalized groups to create change in our nation and in our cultural narrative. The root of all our struggles are the same.