Testimony from April 4, 2016, Raleigh "Moral Revival" Service on the need for adequate public education funding by the state legislature

Below is a video testimony given at the "The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values" Raleigh service on April 4, 2016. A summary transcript of the video follows:

One will often read in the newspapers or hear on TV that our public schools are failing. The proof given for this claim is that NC ranks 46th in per student spending and 49th in teacher pay. The general assembly has assigned a "D" or "F" to 581 schools in NC. What the general assembly does not acknowledge is that the schools do not determine spending per student or a teacher's salary. The state legislature does that. Much of the problem in the public schools lies with classrooms not having enough books, supplies, or resources. No one I know can bake biscuits with a pile of dirt and a bucket of water. The state legislature is the institution that is failing our students, our teachers, and our state. The legislature is the body that should get the failing report card. They are failing all of us.