Testimony from July 11, 2016, Cleveland "Moral Revival" service on the damage caused by Islamophobia

Below is a video testimony given at the "The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values" Cleveland service on July 11, 2016, about the dangers of Islamophobia. A summary transcript of the video follows: 

Fear of Muslims and Islam is driving our bellicose behavior in America's foreign policy.  The money we spend in foreign countries that is driven by an irrational Islamophobia takes away from the money we could spend on the public works projects and infrastructure needs here at home in the US. Fear is poisoning the public dialogue. The introduction of hate bills and "fear" money intentionally lumps all Muslims as a danger and threat. This is linked to racism in the US as over 30% of Muslims in the US are black. White supremacists have used this fear to divide us. We must work to know each other and live with each other in order to combat the forces that seek to divide us.