Testimony from August 1, 2016, Boston "Moral Revival" Service on the Need for a Living Wage

Below is a video testimony given at "The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values" Boston service on August 1, 2016, about the need for a living wage.  A summary transcript of the video follows: 

My name is Deanna Butler. I have been working at Shake Shack for 15 years and I make 11 dollars an hour as a lead cashier. I am married with three children. I receive food stamps and have access to health care, but 350 dollars for five people is not possible to survive on. My husband is disabled. Often I have to decide which bill I am going to pay each month. It is very hard to prioritize. We have lived the last six years in a shelter. How can multi-billion dollar food companies morally justify wealth accrual on the backs of people living in shelters and subsidized housing?