Testimony from September 19, 2016, Kansas City "Moral Revival" Service on the impact of Poverty and securing the Right to Vote

Below is a video testimony given at "The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values" Kansas City service on September 19, 2016, about the impact of Poverty on securing the right to vote.  A summary transcript of the video follows:

There is a strong connection between being poor and the barriers that prevent securing the right to vote. When I was evicted from my home, I lost my state issued id. When I went to apply for another, I was asked to produce a utility bill - I had no home - or a pay check - I had lost my job because I could not afford reliable transportation to get to work - or a bank statement - I do not have money to open a bank account. However, I did have a voter registration card, so I could use that to get a state issued id. The people who are most impacted in trying to get a state issued id are the elderly, students, and the poor. None of these demographics should be inherently penalized and deprived of the right to vote and be a resident of a state in good standing.