Testimony from the September 14, 2016, Houston "Moral Revival" Service on the need to reform the Texas incarceration System

Below is a video testimony given at "The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values" Houston service on September 14, 2016, about the need for Police and Judicial accountability.  A summary transcript of the video follows:

70% of those in Harris County Judicial system are people of Color. 70% of people in Jail are classified as "Pretrial Detainees". In other words, they have not been convicted of a crime. Of the 199 people who have been killed while in detention in the Harris County jails in the last decade, 85% had not been convicted of a crime. People are locked up because they are too poor to get out of jail to await trial. What bail is not excessive when you have no money? The Constitution states that the courts will not impose excessive bail? If you have no assets, what is that amount? The question, it appears, is sometimes a matter of life and death!