Testimony from the September 19, 2016, Kansas City "Moral Revival" service on the need for a Living Wage

Below is a video testimony given at "The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values" Kansas City service on September 19,2016 on the need for a Living Wage for workers in the fast food industry.  A summary transcript of the video follows:

Terrence Wise has been working in the fast food industry for the last twenty years, yet he makes only $7.25 an hour. He has no benefits, no paid time off, and no pension, yet the fast food industry is a 200 billion dollar industry. The CEO of his company, McDonalds, makes $9,000 an hour. Terrence has not been to see a doctor or dentist in 18 years. He often lies that he has already eaten to make sure that there is enough food for his three daughters. This is what poverty wages and no unions looks like today in the richest country in the world.